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We have designed several simple signs to alert the public to the presence of amphibians and reptiles and we have used these in our outreach projects. If you would like to use these signs, download the files and print them locally.


We have found that inexpensive paper signs work well for temporary situations. Also, the signs seem to be attractive as souvenirs and these are replaceable at almost no cost. (Consider providing contact information where people can get free signs.)

For a weather-proof outdoor sign, laminate the sign and leave a quarter inch of laminate all around (when trimming) to encapsulate the sign. Mount the sign on a backing board and stake. The sign shown in use on a road was printed at 16"x22", mounted by the Ipswich Department of Public Works, and used to alert residents to areas where amphibian migrations take place.

The Amphibian Crossing signs are 10" X 16"  and 8" X 10" at 300dpi in PDF format. They can be scaled up or down to suit your needs. The white design could be printed on yellow paper to save the cost of yellow ink or toner. To download the PDF file, click on the sign you want.

Road Crossing Signs

amphibin crossing sign
amphibin crossing sign
amphibian crossing sign
One of several temporary signs installed by the Ipswich (MA) DPW in cooperation with a fifth grade class at the Doyon School a few years ago.
10 x 16 inch Amphibian Crossing signs. Click sign for PDF.
8 x 10 inch Amphibian Crossing signs. Click sign for PDF.

This Salamander Crossing sign prints at 8" X 8" at 300 dpi and can be scaled as needed. This sign might be best suited as an office or wall decoration or an environment where people are close to the sign such as on a bike trail. To download: click on the image to open and then "right click" on the image to save. 

salamander crossng sign
8 x 8 inch Salamander Crossing sign. Click sign for PDF.
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