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Invertebrates are prime organisms in vernal pools, though perhaps not the premier organisms in the eye of the public. The amphibians get the glory but the inverts have their own thing going on. They eat algae, shred leaves, consume detritus, eat each other, and are there as food for salamander larvae and some organisms which visit vernal pools as a feeding resource.  And, yes, some of them do consume amphibians. Everything is eaten by something.

I first visited vernal pools as a kid, chasing the tadpoles,  trying to catch the frogs, and wondering why I found no fish. By high school, they were my source for hydra and planaria and the occasional sponge. At that time, I didn't know the term "vernal pool". Now, in retirement, I revel in the complexity of life in a vernal pool and try to photograph everything.


Our invertebrate section is not ready.  Please enjoy a sampling of invert pics and comments while we work on this section behind the scenes.

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