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Photographing Vernal Pool Seasons

We encourage you to photograph your favorite vernal pool in various seasons. In New England, we seem to have many seasons, well beyond the typical four. The key to a compelling series of vernal pool photos is to have some recognizable features in each photograph, preferably in the same location. Here are a couple of examples from my field files.

This is CC#12 with the two photos taken two months apart, 4-12-2004 and 6-15-2004. That was a dry spring and short hydroperiod for the vernal pools. Note the large rock, bottom right in both images, and then look for familiar trees.

In BSF#109 the tree reaching into the pool has decayed considerably in the ten years between the images. The wet pool was photographed 4-23-2007 and the dry pool on 10-24-2017. The clump of buttonbush to the right rear of the pool is visible in both photos.

The last pool for today. Wet photo 4-23-2007 and dry photo 10-24-2017. The tree to the left with the distinctive patch of lichen still borders the north end of the pool.

Many of us have been waiting for spring as the start of our vernal pool season. Why not start now and collect some scenery shots?

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